5 Old But Gold Tips for Forex Trading Newbies

Forex trading is a vast sector, where anyone can easily get lost, let alone the newbies. With the 24-hour market place and endless options to exchange or invest money, it can be a daunting experience even for the professionals.

Newbies often make the mistake of considering the foreign market as an instrument to increase their monetary income. Whereas in reality, it is hardly so. You can scarcely make a substantial profit if you’re not good at the game. Hence it is essential to keep in mind the five golden tips that we’re going to present to you, stay with us!

Dummy account

Often you end up losing money, in your initial trading experience. This happens due to insuffiecient knowledge and expertise. Hence, one solution for this problem is to open a dummy account and trade using virtual money that has no value. It is usually called a ‘Demo account’ and is very important for beginners. It lets you decide the strategies to employ what works the best for you before you start real deal. Most of the online brokers allow the users to create a demo account with some virtual money that can be used to trade virtually.

Set Boundaries

The best trick is to focus on substantially reducing your losses, rather than increasing your profits- they go hand-in-hand. Forex trading can be a very emotional road filled with grief, anger, greed, and the need to make more money. Hence, before you start a trade, fix a limit for yourself. Irrespective of the stakes, exit from the trade when you reach your limit. An Exit strategy is equally important as the entering one. Many professional trades even carve out excellent exit strategies to avoid losses.


Employ trading strategies

Aspiring traders always need to employ good trading strategies that suit your trading style and goals. Most of the newbies just jump into forex trading, buying random currencies and waiting to become rich. It does not work that way. Planning trade is more time consuming than actually doing it. So, study the trading industry first and research about different strategies that best suit your needs.


Once you dive into trading, there is no hard and fast rule that you will go back rich! Although it happens in some cases, it is backed by a lot of patience and persistence. You can’t get rich without having work done, unless you’re gambling or you’re extremely lucky. It is imperative to be diligent with your plan.

Focus on losses

It is better to focus on losses than focusing on profits. Profits might come and go, but what is important is to prevent you from losing money than winning a little. As discussed, set a limit for yourself, even in terms of how much of it you can afford to lose. Once that’s in place, you’re good to trade and become rich.

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