How to Choose the Best Forex Strategy

According to a study, forex trading is followed for two particular reasons: Hedging and speculation. Hedging is followed to prevent any company from losses. The profits they get from overseas are converted to their currency in the foreign market, whereas speculation can be referred to as day trading. There could be other possible reasons for an individual or an organization to trade. But, without necessary plans and solid strategies, switching up from time-to-time, you could lose the profit margin. Here, we have put forward some tips on how to choose your strategies. Take a look!

How you’re going to trade!

Before you decide what strategy works for you, you need to have a clear picture of how you’re planning to trade. There are four different ways you can trade:

  • Day trading: This method involves opening and closing the trade on the same day, with a time frame of a few hours.
  • Swing trading: It is the strategy where the trading positions are open for weeks. It works best for commodities, and stock markets, where analyzing the weekly charts is crucial for business.
  • Scalping: This strategy involves keeping the position open only for a few hours. They’re usually followed by professionals that have higher knowledge in the exit strategies as well.
  • Occasional trading: If you want to consider trading as a pastime or hobby, then you can choose this path.

Once you decide how you’re going to trade, you have to set your mind on whether you want to deal with higher risks, with higher profits or lower risk, followed by lower profits. The latter is recommended for beginners as they have a lesser chance of losing money.

forex trading


Professionals often combine different strategies to increase their risk and money earning factor. This is because, if one of them does not tend to work in their favour, the other strategy will come to their rescue. However, for beginners, it could be a daunting experience as it would add more research and work into their calendar.

There is no black or white when it comes to foreign market trading. According to your plans and goals, you got to choose the one that works best for you. Most of the beginners go for the day trading strategy as it is followed by the least risk and has a lot to offer in terms of experience.


The best way to learn and employ strategies or methods is to learn from experienced people. Some videos and books offer free knowledge in terms of choosing the best strategy for your needs. It’s almost criminal not to make good use of such information.

Although it is your plans and goals that help in determining the best strategy for you, the above- mentioned ways could help you decide and set your foot on the right path.

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