The Top 5 Forex Trading Tips And Strategies

Foreign exchange or the Forex is a global, decentralized liquid share market where there is an exchange of foreign denominations. It requires utmost skill, patience and persistence to get everything right about this market. More often than not, it never goes fully right. Regardless, it is important for you to follow these five tips to get the best foreign trading experience:

Understanding the market

The Forex market is professionally structured by a lot of factors that interconnect the various factors with other foreign markets as well. For instance, The Canadian Dollar (CAD) and Australian dollar (AUD) are changed by their commodity prices. A massive amount of these countries’ GDP includes mining and from natural resources. Hence, it is vital to understand the relation between your home currency and the ones you’re trading for. A good amount of research can prevent you from making bad decisions and get you good at the game.

Choose a professional broker

You need to provide paramount importance to the process of choosing a broker. Due to the increase in popularity of the trade markets are foreign exchanges, there are tricksters that make it easier for you to fall prey. Make sure the broker is a professional one and is clear about what you want. For instance, if you’re going to trade off of Fibonacci numbers, then make sure your trader has the same platform.



Foreign trade markets are places where you can make the best decision and expect the best to happen. However, there is something called expectancy that determines the rate of your system’s outcome.  A simple formula issued to calculate it. All you have to do is measure all your success and losses and substitute it in the formula

E= [1+( W/L)]X P-1

Where P stands the average profits from your total trades and, L stands for the average losses.

Keep track of the wins and losses

This practice will not only help you in analyzing further but also prevent you from making repeated mistakes. Chart out your wins and losses, and the reasons that caused you to do so. Mood changes and emotions also play a crucial role while trading in these foreign markets. Scrutinize these points and make sure you do not repeat it in your net trade bidding.

Weekend analysis

As we all know, foreign markets are closed during the weekends from Friday night to Sunday night. It is the best time to analyze what has happened over the week and predict its outcomes for the following week. Most of the news companies and websites who are into this business, layout strategies, analysis, and patterns to predict the outcome of the following week. Have an eagle’s eye for such patterns and sink in all the information. It could work in your favor, you never know!

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